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Our pricing is always based on the individual drilling conditions and customer's wishes.


bore well drilling - price list

Your requirements, your well, your water!


Price list for the year 2015


1. Rock and semi-rocky ground (eg. granite, gneiss, sandstone, quartzite, basalt, limestone etc.) - AIR BLAST DRILLING:
Drill diameter / drilling tube Price for 1 Meter
178mm/125mm (for weekend houses and gardens) 45, Euro
190mm/125mm (for family houses) 52, Euro
205mm/140mm (for family houses) 59, Euro
220mm/140mm (for family houses with swimming pool, garden etc. ) 63, Euro
254mm/160mm (for guest houses, cowsheds, workshops, etc.) 76, Euro
2. For semi rocky unstable ground (sand, loam, clay, sandstone, etc.) WET DRILLING - WELL WITH PUMP, WATERPROOFING USING BENTONITE CLAY
Drill diameter from 200 mm to 300 mm / thick walled drill pipes,  great amount of gravel for filtering, price for 1 Meter from 68,-- Euros to 130,-- Euros
3. For shifting, watery ground (gravel, wet sand etc.) STEEL PIPE SYSTEM, ROTARY TABLE DRILLING
Drill diameter from 219 mm to 254 mm / thick walled drill pipes,  great amount of gravel for filtering, price for 1 Meter from 85,-- Euros to 170,-- Euros
4. For combined underground (over instable and under hard ground) COMBINED DRILL PIPE SYSTEM, (STEEL REMAINS IN THE HOLE) ROTARY DRILLING WITH AIR
Drill diameter 240 mm / drill pipe 194 mm (steel) - unstable ground
Drill diameter 178 mm / drill pipe 125 mm (thick walled),
Price for 1 Meter 79,-- Euros (the hole will be filled with gravel)
For geothermal drilling or in case of multiple wells the price will be negotiated individually.
Locating groundwater
(Defining the drilling spot for your well)…..40,-- Euros. (In case our company will do the drilling, this will not be charged for)
The above prices are net, without VAT.

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